We All Want Answers Returns General Site Message 
It is time once again to switch from Just One Note to WAWA. As part of it's return I have gone through a made some small changes to the text of the first chapter. These changes don't change the message of the first chapter, just made the story clearer. If you missed out on the first chapter hot the archive and see who Candice's story begins.
- 02/23/2015
J1N takes a break General Site Message 
I have decide to take a break from doing my just one note comic, in it's place this week I present a random idea I hand. One day just one note will return but for now I hope you will read my latest idea.
- 03/12/2013
What's the comic? General Site Message 
Sadly I will not be posting a new comic this week as my computer has explode in the worst way possible. So Sorry, but without my tools I can't make new stuff, but please tune in next week as I should have everything figured out by then.
- 08/05/2012
I'm Sorry General Site Message 
Two Mondays ago, I failed to post a post. Life just got a way form me. Originally I had just to post it later in the week, but still life got a way from me. Today, however, I have finally fixed my mistake and given you to comic I own you.

- 09/29/2010
August Single Panel Comic General Site Message 
Check out the latest Single panel on the J1N home page.
- 08/03/2010
Unable to Tell Time... Message from the Author 
Sorry I didn't get the comic up yesterday like I said I would. I got distracted. My Bad, but here it is for you to enjoy.
- 05/14/2010
May House Keeping Update/Changes of the Site 
I just posted this month's single panel comic. It will most likely be the last single panel comic, as I am in the process of doing something to replace it. Also with Mother's day being next Sunday I will not post a comic the day after. It looks like I should be able to post one the Wednesday of the 12th instead.
- 05/02/2010
February's Single Panel Comic. General Site Message 
Here is this months single panel comic. Each single panel is comic allows me to try something different with the art. This month's panel comic is using a lot of the same techniques that I used to make the last August comic. If you want to compare the two. just go over to the Extras section of the website.
- 02/03/2010
December's Single Panel Comic. General Site Message 
Add another single panel comic to the front pages. Take a look.
- 12/02/2009
November's Single Panel Comic. General Site Message 
I have been working a lot lately and have been using soda as a way to keep myself energized, as I'm not big on coffee. Periodical through out the day when I need a pick me up, I walk down to the street to a gas station and pick up a drink. I walk right past a deli to get to gas station. I skip the sandwich place because I can walk 200 extra yards in order to by a drink that is twice as big for the same price both of which are label as medium sized cups. This was the inspiration for this months panel comic, hope you enjoy.
- 11/04/2009
Halloween Costumes Comic Related Blog 
This year's Halloween comic featured a 90's movie costume party. As the comic itself rarely references real world production, or people, I thought I would use the blog to identify who each character is dressed as.

Claire is Bell from Beauty and the Beast ( released in 1991)
Wayne is Agent Kay from Men in Black ( released in 1997)
And Stewart is Helen Sharp from Death Becomes Her (released in 1992).

The Guy asking for the pencil and notebook is also in costume, however he tried too hard. Email me your guesses on who he is and if you are right I will send you a prize.
- 10/31/2009
Monthly Single Panel Comic Update General Site Message 
I have decided that I will start making notes in my blog when I change the single panel comic on my home page. This month's comic is the site itself. More to the point it makes fun of the fact that I never update my blog. Noting that I have added the panel to the site makes the comment mute. Irony, it strikes every where.
- 10/02/2009
Don't believe the rumors, I am still alive. Update/Changes of the Site 
I know I haven't posted in a while, not to worry I am still alive and working hard to make the comic as good as possible. Even though the blog is light, the comic is still posted on time every week. But not to worry, I have plans in the near future to change that.

This week I have taken the time to update some of the sites elements. I have also added a share bar to allow fans to share Just One Note on their favorite link sharing and social networking sites. I have also changed out the contact me page from its own page to a pop up. I tested it in all the big browser, but if it doesn't work for you let me know through the email found on the comic image.
- 08/09/2009
Ghosts of Holiday Past General Site Message 
Sunday I posted an Easter comic that was only up on the main page for less than a day. If you missed out on it go to the archive and check it out.
- 04/13/2009
The Secret Holiday Comic Related Blog 
When I was making my list of holidays to create strips for a couple of months ago( see the list in the blog, I decided I would do ten strips a year. I listed the holidays that I thought where important to my readers and myself. I then began to decide which celebration would show up in my comic.

I got the list down to ten and was already to announce it to the world. When the thought hit me that I like more holidays than just the ten I had before me, so what if I selected a holiday each year that wasn't on my list to make a joke about. Thus was born, The Secret Holiday.

The year's Holiday is International Waffle Day, which is the day in which you can be indecisive on issues. It originated in Sweden and is the perfect holiday for the characters of Just One Note as it echos so well their personalities.
- 03/25/2009
Central Navigation Update/Changes of the Site 
Over the week end I spent some time working on the programming for the website. The site now as enough pages to require a menu bar. I moved a couple of the float links up to the top of the site, and added a new character profile page to the site. Go check it out, there are some interesting pieces of information in each characters bio's that haven't yet made it into the strip.
- 03/16/2009
Changes in the way we do things around here Message from the Author 
Every time I sit down to make a new comic I look at it as a chance to try something new. With each entry in the strip I have tried to do something I have never done before. Somethings its drawing the characters from a different angle, and somethings I try using a different art tool to see if it makes the art look better.

I suppose you have notices that I have been experimented with the coloring and come to like the results. I want to make the best product possible, and so I not afraid to throw the baby out with the bath water, if it means that it will make the baby stronger in the end.

I will warn you that I have plans to try a something in the next couple of weeks that if it works will make another shift in how the comic looks. And with any luck allow me to create each entry quicker, and in turn allow me to post comics more offen.
- 02/17/2009
Where to Find Me General Site Message 
In order to better promote the site I have joined a couple of popular comic registries. Here are two of my favorites.The Webcomic List and Belfry Webcomics Index. If you can come from one of these sites welcome.

Also don't forget to comeback on Saturday for my holiday comic
- 02/11/2009
Holiday Greetings Message from the Author 
Christmas and New Years threw my work schedule off. I am still trying to put myself back on track. With MLK day coming up on Monday I took a few minutes and decided on an unofficial but official set of Holidays that I would create comics for. Sadly Martin Luther King did make it (too close to New Years). And although I don't guarantee I won't do other comics on other holidays, I do plan to release something on the days below.

JAN 01 - New Years
FEB 14 - V Day
APR 01 - April Fools (May not do this one)
APR 14 - Easter
MAY 10 - Mother's Day
JUN 21 - Father's Day
OCT 31 - Halloween
NOV 25 - Thanksgiving
DEC 25 - Christmas Day
- 01/17/2009
Something New to the table Comic Related Blog 
When I first decided to start this comic I created five character to fill out my cast. today I have finally added the three members of that original cast. With the addition of Claire, I add a semi-sane member to the cast. The comic has finally gone with what Wayne has asked for since the beginning, woman. Hopefully he will not be disappointed with my choice to add her and her friend.

Also, come back later in order to find out who the other two characters I created to round out the cast are.
- 01/12/2009
This Weeks Holiday Comic Comic Related Blog 
I have selected this week to not post a normal comic on Monday, but instead to post my new years eve comic. This time of year is busy for a lot of people, and I count myself among them. The days just flew by and I didn't have time to finish both a holiday comic and the weekly one. And since you got two comics last week, I choose to only give you one. I hope you can forgive me, and will comeback next week.
- 12/29/2008
Comics that I like Just Random Things 
Wow, two blog posts in one week, the world must be ending... I thought it would be cool to let you know what comics I like.

Dilbert - I like this one because I can sometimes relate to Dilbert, as I to work in an office.

VG Cats This comic is funny, but often a little too messed up for my tastes. I like the tone, but sometime I could do without the content. I also like the art style, it kind a like manga.
- 12/11/2008
I'm Back! Kind of... Message from the Author 
I have returned from my holiday, and man was it fun. I have however failed to update my blog since I got back until now. I still don't know what to put in my blog, as I don't want to put too many thinks in the blog that don't relate to Just One Note. I don't think any one wants to hear about the dumb things I did yesterday.

I have however managed to keep the comic up on time, which is good. I have started the Christmas and New Years comics and can't wait for you to see them.
- 12/10/2008
About the Week of Thankgiving Message from the Author 
I am going on holiday the week of Thanksgiving. I hope to have a lot of fun during my time away from home, however I don't know if I will have access to a computer and as such if there are problems with the site, I may not be able to address them right away. There should be no problems and you should receive your normal comic as well as one on Thanksgiving (provide I can get it finished in time.) So if I don't see your that week I will see you the week after.
- 11/20/2008
Change is coming or is it already here? Just Random Things 
Every comic is another chance to do something different will the just one note characters. Almost every comic I experiment with look of the characters even if its just a little bit. I work a lit way a head of what I post to the site, and sometimes I will even post out of the order in which I drew them( see At the Desk and the Interruptions series.) The point is that Stewart and Wayne I drew last night don't look like the ones I drew three months ago. Both characters now have a "squarer" (if that's a word) look and I think I final figure out the body to head ratio.

I have read comic most of my life and because I wasn't making them I never really noticed how much they change over time. The first Garfield comic strip verses the one post yesterday are very different from each other in look and in feel. But so too are this weeks Foxtrot and last years. I guess this is one of those thing you only true notice when you look hard at things.
- 11/13/2008
Don't miss out on a goog thing Comic Related Blog 
On late Friday, I added a special Holiday version of the comic. It was only on the front page for the weekend. Don't miss out on the opportunity to read it. Go Back into the old comics and take a look at.
- 11/03/2008
Random thoughts/ I got nothing. Message from the Author 
I'm not doing so well with this blog. I don't update it as much as I like, simple because I can't think of anything to say. I don't want this blog to be about the dumb things I do all day, simple because then I wouldn't have anything to create the foundation of the comic. My goal is to have the blog be about the comic and not about me. If I wanted to make a site about me I would finish my personal site and get it up and running again, or maybe I would just create a fact book site. I just don't know. If you have any suggestions about what I should put into my blog let me know, by way of the contact form or email.
- 10/24/2008
Wanted Problems General Site Message 
Another week has come and gone and the comic is still moving along nicely. I feel that I am slowly finding a production groove, I have figured out a kind of good way in order to make my comics , and every new comic has come with small improvements to the comic as a whole. I have however run into a problem that most comic creators would kill to have. I have too many script ideas. I am currently trying to write the script for the series after the one I am currently running, and I am having trouble deciding which story to use. Even though I haven't wrote the ending for the current story. I have written the beginning or key story joke for about five other stories. I'll probably use each story at one point, hover I need to focus on just one (note... that wasn't clever at all.) in order to finish it before the current story ends. I guess will both find out what I decide in the coming weeks.
- 10/09/2008
Next Week On... Update/Changes of the Site 
Next week begins the start of a new story for just one note. With every comic I experiment a little in hopes of making the series better. Whether its something as simple as trying to draw the characters from a different angle, altering the character design a little,(Wayne lost his beard because I keep forgetting to draw it in every panel) or something complex like trying a new program to create the comic with. With the first story("At the Desk") my goal was to figure out the size of the comic, and the basic look. I tried to make next weeks comic using a vector animation program, and failed to make anything I liked and had to redo it the way I did the original set of comics. But I discovered a better way to layout the panels from my attempt to go vector. Even failing can be good. I know I have currently only posted a few comics, yet I feel like already I have improved a lot and I know I will get even better later on.
- 09/26/2008
The ever changing Just One Note Update/Changes of the Site 
You may have noticed I have made some changes to the blog area and added a very simple contact us area. Neither section is complete or even the way I want it to be in the end. I have selected to update these areas now, rather then when I have finished building the section because I believe something is better then nothing. A more professional site would wait until a page is finished before adding it to their site, but I look at Just One Note as a living/breathing site which I can update regularly. I will never put up something that is broken, just things that aren't the way I really want them to be. If you want me to wait and only release completed features of the website instead of how I'm doing it now let me know by way of the new contact form, or join me in watching this website grow bit by bit.
- 09/17/2008