It's nice to be wanted
SERIES When Quinn Meet Stewart
- 03/22/2017
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  • We All Want Answers Returns General Site Message 
    It is time once again to switch from Just One Note to WAWA. As part of it's return I have gone through a made some small changes to the text of the first chapter. These changes don't change the message of the first chapter, just made the story clearer. If you missed out on the first chapter hot the archive and see who Candice's story begins.
    - 02/23/2015
    J1N takes a break General Site Message 
    I have decide to take a break from doing my just one note comic, in it's place this week I present a random idea I hand. One day just one note will return but for now I hope you will read my latest idea.
    - 03/12/2013
    What's the comic? General Site Message 
    Sadly I will not be posting a new comic this week as my computer has explode in the worst way possible. So Sorry, but without my tools I can't make new stuff, but please tune in next week as I should have everything figured out by then.
    - 08/05/2012
    I'm Sorry General Site Message 
    Two Mondays ago, I failed to post a post. Life just got a way form me. Originally I had just to post it later in the week, but still life got a way from me. Today, however, I have finally fixed my mistake and given you to comic I own you.

    - 09/29/2010
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